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Parsvnath Exotica Floor Plans

TypeTowerSize(Sq Ft.)BedroomsFloor Plan
Simplex ApartmentA-1 to A-246655 BHKView Plan
Duplex ApartmentA-1 to A-262605 BHK + StudyView Plan
Duplex PenthouseA-1 to A-285806 BHKView Plan
Simplex ApartmentB-1 to B-633904 BHKView Plan
Duplex ApartmentB-1 to B-636454 BHKView Plan
Duplex PenthouseB-1 to B-668055 BHKView Plan
Simplex ApartmentC-1 to C-426453 BHKView Plan
Bridge ApartmentC-1 to C-434004 BHKView Plan
Terrace Bridge ApartmentC-1 to C-431003 BHKView Plan
Simplex PenthouseC-1 to C-433903 BHKView Plan
Simplex PenthouseC-1 to C-438453 BHKView Plan
Simplex ApartmentD-1 to D-628953 BHKView Plan
Simplex ApartmentD-1 to D-628103 BHKView Plan
Duplex ApartmentD-1 to D-642553 BHK + FMView Plan
Bridge ApartmentD-1 to D-634003 BHKView Plan
Terrace Bridge ApartmentD-1 to D-631003 BHKView Plan
Simplex PenthouseD-1 to D-634253 BHKView Plan

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